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The Essential Travel Size Gift Box- 6-Pack


We now have our hot sauce in mini travel bottles! Never be stuck without hot sauce again. This essential hot sauce travel pack is easy to fit into your purse, bag, next to your toothbrush, or even your back pocket. These travel-size bottles are guaranteed flavor on the go!

What you get: a 6-Pack of sauces in 50 ml (1.69oz) bottle size.

1. African Ghost Pepper 10/10

“Super-strong dark African hot sauce with a lingering burn. Not for spice amateurs! Handle with care.”

2. Bird’s Eye Chilli 7/10

“A unique blended sauce that ticks all the boxes. Your wings will thank you!”

3. Habanasco – Fermented Jalapeno 8/10

“A tangy fermented hot sauce with a powerful kick so watch out!”

4. Ghost Peri-Peri 6/10

“A well-balanced and savory Peri-Peri with nice Ghost Pepper Heat. This is a crowd-favorite”

5. Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri 4/10

“Mild and bursting with flavor”

6. Jalanasco (Fermented Jalapeno) 3/10

“The fermented jalapeno brings a mild tangy heat. Think Tabasco on steroids!”


Have you ever been stuck somewhere and served underwhelming food? Well with our Hot Sauce Travel Pack you will never get caught without flavor again! Our travel pack is perfect for all occasions and small enough to sneak into any restaurant, airplane, or family dinner. Get your essential hot sauce travel pack now!

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