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ADF’s Favorite Hot Sauces – Variety 4-Pack


After much debate and some office arguments, it has been decided that these are our official favorites and are what our team considers to be the best tasting hot sauces out there. But keep it quiet, we don’t want the others to know we are picking favorites!

What you get: a 4-Pack of sauces in 150 ml (5oz) bottle size.

1. Ghost Peri-Peri Sauce 6/10

“A well-balanced and savory Peri-Peri with nice Ghost Pepper Heat. Definitely a crowd-pleaser!”

2. Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce 4/10

“Mild and bursting with flavor. Garlicky, lemony and all that good stuff!”

3. Jalanasco – Fermented Jalapeno Sauce 3/10

“Green umami-flavored fermented sauce. Think Tabasco on steroids!”

4. Habanasco – Fermented Habanero Sauce 8/10

“A tangy fermented hot sauce with a powerful kick. Not your typical 8/10”

Our Dream Team was pretty divided when it came to choosing our favorite hot sauces. Some of us love milder sauces and some like them blazing hot but at the end of the day we love them all so much, so we took it to a vote and these hot sauces came out on top. All of these hot sauces are a must-have for all of your cooking needs, the Ghost Peri-Peri Sauce and milder Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri are so bright in color and full of flavor, that they were a must add to the pack, our Jalanasco – Fermented Jalapeno Sauce and Habanasco – Fermented Habanero Sauce are both vinegar forward and perfect to cut through the richness of eggs, avocado and can be added to just about anything. We have such a large range and each sauce is great in its own way, hence the arguments! Let us know your favorite hot sauce from the African Dream Foods range, we would love to see if they match ours!

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