3-Pack – Hottest-min
Hottest Variety 3-PACK
150 African Ghost Pepper shot 1-min
150 Habanasco shot 1-min
150 Birds Eye shot 1 (1)-min


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Hottest Hot Sauce – Variety 3-Pack


If we were to rank our hot sauces by heat, then this lot definitely wins as the hottest hot sauce. Purchase with caution! Our pack of the three hottest of the hot, this group definitely packs a punch, but don’t be too scared, it isn’t just heat that they deliver, it’s flavor too! If you are a chilli eating pro then this is definitely the pack for you. 

What you get: a 3-Pack of sauces in 150 ml (5oz) bottle size.

1. African Ghost Pepper Sauce 10/10

“Super-strong dark African hot sauce with a lingering burn. Not for spice amateurs!”

2. Bird’s Eye Chilli Sauce 7/10

“A unique blend of the whole bird’s eye chilli. Your wings will thank you!”

3. Habanasco – Fermented Habanero Sauce 8/10

“A tangy fermented hot sauce with a powerful kick. Not your typical 8/10”

Not for the faint-hearted, if you have ever complained that a sauce wasn’t spicy enough then this is the pack for you. Get your glasses of milk ready, we are so excited about this hottest pack. If we haven’t convinced you that this is spicy yet, well, then you will just have to buy it and find out for yourself.

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