4-Pack – Mildest-min
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150 LGPP shot 1-min
150 Jalanasco shot 1-min
150 Sweet Dream shot 1-min
150 Southern Braai shot 1-min


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Mildest Variety 4-Pack


The perfect way to ease into the day, these are some of the best hot sauces’ for eggs out there. If you love bold flavors but not a blow-your-head-off spice then these are for you. The best mild hot sauces but don’t be fooled, just because they are on the lower end of the heat scale doesn’t mean that they don’t have bold bold flavors. If spicy food isn’t your thing, we don’t blame you! We have curated a selection of our best mild hot sauces that aren’t all about the heat but are rather all about that incredible flavor, with a little heat at the end. Even if you can handle the heat these sauces are worth a try because these flavors are mind-blowing. 

What you get: a 4-Pack of sauces in 150 ml (5oz) bottle size.

1. Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri 4/10

“Mild and bursting with flavor”

2. Jalanasco – Fermented Jalapeno 3/10

“Green umami-flavored fermented sauce”

3. Sweet Dream Sauce 2/10

“A sweet fruity sauce with chutney consistency”

4. Southern Braai 1/10

“A BBQ sauce with a mild, tangy kick. Bring this to your next cookout!”

If you love the bold flavors of hot sauce but struggle a bit with the crazy heat then this is the pack for you! The perfect gateway to the world of hot sauce, this is great for building up your hot sauce tolerance while you enjoy bucket loads of flavor, that you can put on absolutely everything.

Our Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri is perfectly balanced, our Southern Braai Fermented Vintage BBQ Sauce is perfect for all your grilling needs, our Jalanasco Fermented hot sauce is vinegar-forward and great on eggs and our Sweet Dream Sauce is fantastic with anything that could use a hint of sweetness – it is fantastic on a cheeseboard. Overall these are pantry must-haves and can be used in so many ways without blowing your head off. Some of the best mild hot sauces around.

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