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We think our products are great, and who can blame us for going on and on about our incredible hot sauces and seasonings. However, if you aren’t convinced by our ramblings, don’t fret, we have compiled some rave reviews from industry leaders and hot sauce aficionados who say it better than we ever could!

Alana and The Doug

Chili Chun – African Peri-Peri Sauce from African Dream

Chasing the Heat – Johnny Scoville – Bird’s Eye Chili Hot Sauce

Chasing the Heat – Johnny Scoville – Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri

Chasing the Heat – Johnny Scoville – Habanasco

Darwin’s Beer Reviews

Brain Ambs

Chasing the Heat – Johnny Scoville – Jalanasco

Mike Jack Eats Heat!

Chasing the Heat – Johnny Scoville – African Ghost Pepper

Heat 101

Main Event Pong

Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews


Sauced PDX

PepperScale – Tara Erickson

Austin Armstrong – Hot Sauce Reviews!


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