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ADF Tan Safari Cap

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African Dream Foods Tan Safari Cap.

This is the almost famous standard issue ADF tan safari cap.  You can use it on a safari, or a hike in the park, or when going to the beach. Like any good hat, it protects your head from the sun and blocks the sun from your eyes.

This hat will also make you look both very stylish and smart, because you wore a hat outside. Good on you!

This Safari Cap is so easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe, and it is perfect to throw on and go out on an African-style adventure. Be it rock-climbing, hiking, nature-watching or simply hanging out with friends and getting some spicy food, this hat is perfect for all adventurous occasions come rain or shine. With our logo front and centre let the world know that you dare to dabble in our spicy flavors while supporting African wildlife conservation efforts! Good on you!

When you’re wearing this hat and eating something spicy and tasty, please make sure to send us a pic and tag us on the gram for a chance to be featured.

We definitely recommend this cap to anyone who generally looks good wearing hats or likes being outdoors. If that’s you, and you’re on instagram, tag us wearing our safari cap and we’re probably going to be friends forever. @african.dream.foods

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