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About African Dream Foods

Launched in 2021, African Dream Foods is a purpose-driven specialty food brand that is bringing authentic African flavor to the world through our African Hot Sauce and Seasonings. More importantly, we’re a dedicated, multi-national team of photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, hot sauce lovers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about great taste and wildlife conservation. A mutual love for African flavors and animals brought us together and we are committed to providing, not only product that tastes amazing, but also one that can be bought with a clear conscience.

We are bringing a premium fair-trade product to the global market by using authentic farm-grown ingredients to produce small-batch artisanal African hot sauces and spices. Our current collection of 8 savory sauces, 3 spicy salts and one Safari Smoke Seasoning are lovingly crafted using ingredients that are downright au naturel—we’re talking preservative free, non-GMO, wholly natural and 100% vegan.

African Hot sauces and Seasonings -African Dream Foods
South African Fair Trade Practises Farm - African flavor

A chilli’s flavor, aroma and heat is uniquely influenced by the soil and climate that produced it—and no place on Earth has the soil conditions or climate of Africa. That’s why we source all the peppers, lemons, herbs and other ingredients featured in our recipes directly from small farms in South Africa. Our product’s starring ingredients include locally grown African Ghost Peppers, African Birds Eye Chillis (aka Peri-Peri Chillis), Habaneros, Jalapenos, Paprika and several other varieties of cultivar pepper. These peppers bring a true African flavor to our African hot sauce.

The bottom line? African Dream Foods is more than a specialty foods company—it’s an impassioned, collaborative movement seeking to craft all-natural African hot sauces and spices while simultaneously inspiring awareness. When you purchase one of our spices or seasonings, you’re not just opening the door to authentic African flavor—you’re investing in ongoing, sustainable conservation efforts that will continue advocating for the continent’s wildlife long after you’ve emptied your first bottle

Giraffe - African Hot Sauce Label
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