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Look, excitement is in short supply these days. If you’re anything like the rest of us, the pandemic has probably turned your day-to-day life into a bland and repetitive blur. We get it. That’s why we’ve launched the #SendHotSauce campaign.
Variety 4-Pack #SendHotSauce

Why? Well, if you’re stranded on a desert island you don’t just sit around hoping some schmuck sees you and saves your sorry caboose. No. You carve a big ole SOS in the sand and set something massive on fire.


Now, we’re not saying you should run outside and torch your car just because life’s gotten a little boring. But if you’re looking to spice things up and really surprise your friends, #SendHotSauce is the life raft you didn’t know you needed.

Why #SendHotSauce?

When we started crafting our small-batch hot sauces and spices, our goal was to finally bring authentic African flavor to the mainstream market. The result? A collection of bold artisanal products unlike anything you can find on your local grocery store shelf.


Though rich and distinctly African in flavor, our premier line contains a little something for everyone. With a focus on versatility, ADF’s products are specifically crafted to elevate old dishes into new and exotic favorites.


Their versatility makes them delicious, sure. But it’s also what makes them a great gift for anyone looking to add a little spice and variety to their life. While booking a one-way flight out of the country probably isn’t on the table for you right now, ADF’s authentic African hot sauce and chilli salts definitely can be.


If you’re a free spirit who’s craving excitement and could use a healthy dose of ADF hot sauce, the #SendHotSauce is here to save you. Think of it as an SOS signal for flavor enthusiasts. We’ve got to stick together.

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    Surprise 3-Pack #SendHotSauce

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How to #SendHotSauce

Karma works in circles—sometimes you gotta give some to get some. The good news? Choosing to #SendHotSauce is a killer way to kick off the good vibes and deliver a dose of unexpected joy to the flavor enthusiasts in your life.

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    Surprise 4-Pack #SendHotSauce

    #SendHotSauce to friends and family
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Ready to save your loved ones from the dull churn of routine? A hot sauce gift set is the perfect way to introduce a little adventure into the boring day-to-day. It’s also a super sweet way to tell friends you’re thinking of them when you can’t just pop by and say hi.


The best part? Deciding to #SendHotSauce is a low-effort way to score some major points with your loved ones because it’s incredibly easy to do. Just head on over to ADF’s product page and start designing a gift box.


Each one is customizable, which means you’ll get to pick a variety of products that perfectly suit the recipient. Not sure what to get? Opt for one of our pre-selected packages and we’ll tackle the picking and choosing.


You don’t even have to worry about gift wrap—we’ve got you covered.

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