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Surprise 4-Pack #SendHotSauce

We choose 4 of our sauces and Spicy Salts and /or Seasonings

The easiest gift around, all it takes is one click and we do the rest. Send this hot sauce gift box straight to your door or surprise someone you care about! 

We choose 4 items from our Sauces, Spicy Salts, and Seasonings. The box could include 4 sauces (150ml), or a combination of sauces, spicy salts and The Safari Smoke Seasoning.

Variety 4-Pack
Spicy Surprise Gift Pack of Sauces

The perfect gift for the foodie in your life, or simply to treat yo’ self, choosing hot sauce and seasonings have never been easier. We do all the work so you can focus on other things, like planning what you are going to cook with these delicious flavors! If you need some inspiration we have curated a selection of our favorite recipes using our products, let your dinner plans be determined by what awesome surprise products you receive. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your creations!

Valentine’s day, birthdays, Wednesdays, this is the perfect easy gift for any occasion. Oh and when it comes to gift wrapping, we’ve got you covered (see what we did there?), we make sure your surprise pack looks awesome with our gift box packaging!

So surprise a friend, a love one or even yourself and #sendhotsauce to make someone’s day.

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