Wild Shots Outreach

Wild Shots Outreach was founded in November 2015 to address the need for more young people of local communities to experience wildlife and wild places they previously had little or no access to. It is hoped that the battle for conservation can be won by sharing the beauty and value of South Africa’s wildlife with all its citizens. They gained NPO (Not-for-Profit status) in June 2017 and won the SANParks’ Kudu Award for best environmental education programme.

Wild Shots Outreach –
“Conservation through Photography”

Wild Shots Outreach is a South African Not-for-Profit Organisation founded in 2015 which aims to engage young people from deprived local communities in wildlife and conservation through photography. Though they live within a few kilometres of the famous Kruger National Park, few of these young people have had the opportunity to visit and see Kruger’s iconic wildlife such as lion, elephant and rhino. With poaching at an all-time high and with wildlife tourism a major employer, it is vital that the local communities become aware of the value of their wildlife heritage.

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In a series of practical workshops, this organisation teaches young people how to tell their stories using photography and takes them on their first ever game drive. The programme teaches transferrable skills, building confidence and self-esteem. Wild Shots Outreach also identifies students with potential and assists them in finding training and employment. They have graduates of the programme studying at media college, training as field rangers and safari guides and working as photographers and film makers

Wild Shots Outreach’s Objectives:

  • Engage and inspire young South Africans in the environment and nature conservation through photography

  • Nurture an appreciation of wildlife, its importance, beauty and conservation value

  • Develop self-confidence, self-esteem and life skills in course participants

  • Promote creativity and artistic skills in young citizens

  • Broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding of the environment and conservation

The Programme consists of five workshop sessions culminating in a drive in a game reserve. Students are presented with certificates and prints of their photographs. Each school receives a camera so that the students can continue to use their new skills.

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