Wildlife conservation efforts

We’re thrilled you’re curious about how African Dream Foods is working to promote conservation efforts across the African continent.

There’s no place on Earth like Africa. Its cultures, cuisines, unique wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery have truly captured our hearts. That’s why it’s our mission to introduce the continent’s unique flavors and spices to the world while simultaneously supporting initiatives that protect Africa’s beauty and diversity.

Each time you purchase a bottle of seasoning or sauce from African Dream Foods, between .10 and .40 cents is donated to organizations that are actively involved in supporting wildlife conservation. We’re talking grassroots community initiatives, educational programs, habitat preservation movements, research, and more.

We’re currently teamed up with Paws Trails and Wild Shots Outreach. For the full scoop on either organization, check out our Partners & Contributors to learn how their artistry is helping us expand awareness and support conservation.

We’re constantly scouting for impassioned, like-minded organizations and individuals to help us promote conservation efforts in Africa. If that sounds like you, shoot us an email at info@africandreamfoods.com and we’ll have a chat about future collaborations.