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5 Reasons to #SendHotSauce

5 Reasons to #SendHotSauce

Greeting cards and fruit baskets are great for grandma, but we sincerely hope they’re not your go-to gift when you’re trying to make a statement.
Whether you’re saying, “Happy birthday,” “Hang in there,” or “Hey, I miss you,” you want to state it in a way that sizzles. That’s why the socially conscious food company ADF is offering buyers the opportunity to #SendHotSauce to friends and family.

With a few quick clicks, you can send anyone a flavor-packed gift box of all-natural African hot sauces and spices. Ranging from sweet and mild to blazing hot, ADF’s lineup of crowd-pleasers (African Ghost Pepper Sauce, Lemon and Garlic Peri-Peri, and Bird’s Eye Chilli Sauce, to name a few) are a sure-fire way to score with anyone who loves bold, authentic flavor and farm-grown ingredients.

Plus, each bottle purchased helps to promote wildlife conservation efforts in Africa, making it an ideal conservation hot sauce for fans of socially conscious food.

Seriously, it’s time to spice up the gift-giving scene. Stop trading iTunes gift cards with family members and pushing citrus-scented candles onto your friends. If you’re hunting for a gift with a little more zing, here are 5 reasons to #SendHotSauce.

Looking to spice up COVID lockdown? #SendHotSauce.

Variety is the spice of life, but COVID lockdowns and social distancing have created a severe deficiency. For many, day-to-day life has blurred into a bland mix of “sames”—the same tasks, the same home-cooked meals and the same uninteresting flavors.

Sending your friends and family a gift box with ADF’s authentic African hot sauce and chilli salt is the ideal way to add a bold kick to their dull COVID lives. Best of all, ADF’s line of sauces and seasonings pair perfectly with a wide range of home-cooked meals, elevating any drab dish with a punch of exotic flavor.

We might be stuck at home for now, but a hot sauce gift set offers free-spirited explorers the opportunity to serve up adventurous flavor from their very own kitchen. Plus, a surprise gift box is a great way to tell a friend you’re thinking of them when you can’t just pop by and say hi. Social distancing sucks—but it doesn’t have to be flavorless.

Have friends who are impossible to buy for? #SendHotSauce.

Everyone has that one person on their list: they have it all, want nothing, and are famous for returning gifts as soon as they’re unwrapped. The perfect present is something they’ll love and use—we’re talking practicality with a dash of luxury. The sure-fire answer? A hot sauce gift box.

Ranging from mild and smoky to feverishly spicy, ADF’s African hot sauce and chilli salt gift sets are perfect not only for the hot sauce addict on your list, but anyone who loves bold flavor. And let’s face it—flavor is like paid vacations, baby animals, and good health: everyone loves it.

Want a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank? #SendHotSauce.

Gift giving should be about sharing love, spreading cheer and all that good jazz. It’s not supposed to cause stress or empty your wallet. If you’re hunting for a thoughtful, affordable gift that won’t break the bank, look no further.

ADF offers two gift box options - choose from our 3-pack for $24.95 or bump it up to a 4-pack for $29.95. Either way, we’ll take the stress out of shopping and put together a surprise combination of ADF’s 8 sauces, 3 chilli salts, and the Safari Smoke Seasoning that’s sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Plus, you’ll save 15% when you use the discount code #SendHotSauce.

Skip the shopping (we’ll select the sauces), the wrapping (we’ll tackle that), and the delivery (we’ve got you covered). With just a few clicks, you can send anyone a thoughtful, delicious gift. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating—it’s just playing smart.

Need a practical gift with a unique twist? #SendHotSauce.

We get the appeal of edible gifts: they’re practical, accessible, and widely popular. Not shockingly, they’ve long been the go-to for those who are hard to buy for. After all, everyone loves food. But food baskets and edible arrangements are a little outdated. Sure, they’re a nice gesture—but that’s really all they are.

Hot sauce gift boxes offer all the practicality and appeal of a traditional food gift with a little more kick and sizzle. Unlike fruit arrangements or chocolate boxes, ADF’s African Ghost Pepper sauce, Lemon & Garlic Peri Peri, and other flavor-packed products aren’t going to expire overnight or pack pounds to the waistline. Plus, hot sauce gift boxes bring joy to their recipients not just once, but each time they’re used. From the top of the bottle to the very bottom, they’ll thank you with every bite.

Want to support wildlife conservation? #SendHotSauce.

ADF’s African hot sauce and chilli salt gift boxes deliver authentic flavor straight to your loved ones’ doors, but they also do so much more. As a socially conscious food brand, ADF donates a percentage of each sale to protecting Africa’s endangered wildlife.

When you #SendHotSauce, you’re not just gifting your love ones the authentic tase of farm-grown African ghost peppers or flavor-packed peri peri—you’re investing in a conservation hot sauce company that fosters ongoing, sustainable preservation efforts. Whether you’re buying our Bird’s Eye Chilli Sauce or Safari Smoke Seasoning, every bottle works to stop poaching, protect precious habitats, and raise awareness through grassroots organizations.

An affordable, universal gift that delivers bold flavor while saving endangered animals? That’s a win-win situation and the number one reason to #SendHotSauce.

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