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Welcome to African Dream Foods

Established in 2021 by a multinational team of wildlife enthusiasts, hot sauce lovers and impassioned entrepreneurs, African Dream Foods is a purpose-driven fair trade company that crafts socially-conscious hot sauces and spices in order to deliver authentic flavor and promote wildlife conservation.

Our promise

From our conservation mission to our ingredients and production practices, we’re all about the good stuff at African Dream Foods.

Buy any bottle from our small-batch artisanal lineup and we promise your purchase is:

Meet the Dream Team

Wildlife Conservation

We donate a portion of every single bottle sold (between .10 and .40 cents) directly to conservation organizations that are actively fighting to protect endangered animals across the African continent.

Organisations We Support

We’re always on the lookout for conservation-minded organizations to promote, support and collaborate with.

Currently, African Dream Foods is working with:

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