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African Dream Foods Kickstarter Campaign

African Dream Foods Kickstarter Campaign

What’s flavor-packed, all-natural, and wholly committed to saving Africa’s endangered wildlife? With a focus on bold taste and conservation, African Dream Foods’ premier line of authentic hot sauces and spices are small-batch products with a big heart.

Here’s how we’re delivering authentic flavor while promoting conservation efforts—and how you can jump aboard early through our Kickstarter campaign.

The Mission:

Saving Africa’s Wildlife and Environment

Africa is home to some of the world’s most diverse wildlife and landscapes. But the continent’s natural treasures are disappearing at an alarming rate. After falling in love with its culture, cuisine, and natural beauty, our founder David was impassioned to make a difference.

What started as David’s love for African cuisine and wildlife eventually became African Dream Foods—a purpose-driven, socially conscious food company that partners with organizations that lead wildlife conservation efforts to educate, raise awareness, research, preserve habitats, and foster grassroots community efforts.

Now, ADF consists of a multi-national team of hot sauce and chili salt enthusiasts who are wildly passionate about conservation and socially conscious food. Together, we’ve developed a line of all-natural African hot sauces and seasonings that give hot sauce addicts the opportunity to indulge their tastebuds while contributing to a cause.

The Product:

Authentic African Hot Sauce and Chili Salts

We can’t put the Serengeti in your backyard or bottle the shiver that runs up your spine when face to face with one of the world’s last black rhinos. What we’ve brought to the table through ADF’s flagship line of spicy salts and hot sauces, though, is just as raw and authentic.

There’s no place on Earth like Africa. And the spices and chili that grow from its soil are as vividly distinct as the continent’s landscapes themselves. That’s why our new line of African hot sauces and chili salts contain sustainably grown, all-natural African ghost peppers, birds eye peppers, habaneros, and jalapeños sourced directly from small South African farms.

We’ll put it bluntly: our hot sauces and spicy salts offer more than just rich, authentic flavor—they’re a culinary experience entirely their own. Sound like a lofty promise? We know. The good news is you don’t have to take our word for it.

Be A Part From The Start

We’ve sourced the ingredients, nailed our recipes, and developed a lineup of small-batch, artisanal hot sauces and chili salt we’re psyched to deliver. All we need to launch our first product run and start making a difference in African conservation is a little help from hot sauce addicts like you!

African Dream Food’s Kickstarter campaign offers socially conscious food lovers the opportunity to be a part from the start. When you sign up as a Kickstarter customer, you’re directly funding the launch of our premier line—an artisanal collection of 8 sauces and 4 chili salts crafted with all-natural, African-grown ingredients that range from mild and sweet to sizzling hot. Most importantly, you’re investing in ongoing, sustainable conservation efforts that will continue fighting for Africa’s most vulnerable species long after you’ve emptied your first bottle.

We have 30 short days to raise enough funding, through African Dream Foods' Kickstarter, to get our wheels off the ground and make our first round of production a reality. In exchange for your contribution, you’ll be given exclusive choice of our premier products. Build your own customized pack or #SendHotSauce to your friends and family, complete with a greeting card and gift box.

Once produced, our first line of hot sauces and spices will be shipped from South Africa to USA distributors, where we’ll use them to fulfil your Kickstarter orders. Shortly thereafter they’ll arrive at your door—meaning you can sink your teeth into your favorite dish knowing that you’re helping to stop poaching, support conservation efforts, and protect Africa’s endangered wildlife.

Sound like a hot deal? We think so, too.

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