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Bringing the Plight of African Wildlife into Focus

Bringing the Plight of African Wildlife into Focus

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Sometimes, as much as we talk about the magnificence of the animals which roam the African plains, it is not until you see a photograph that you understand their majesty.

Yet statistics are not in their favor. Around the world, 52% of wildlife has been lost over the past 40 years. That’s a whole lot! In Africa, the variety and abundance of wildlife is shrinking as the human population grows and encroaches upon the once wild and pristine landscape. Poaching is still a significant issue despite government crackdowns, and the spread of agriculture and commercialization greatly contributes to the decline of many species of large mammals. Additionally, many mammals are left orphaned with little chance of survival even with human intervention.

As we worked to create the African Dream Foods brand, we always had the mission of helping to save African wildlife at the forefront of our brand. And then, as we began to devise our packaging, it became crystal clear that we needed to put these incredible animals front and center on our bottles and seasonings in order to put the focus on them.

And so we set out to find African wildlife photographers whom we could partner with to share the vision of our brand and create greater awareness for the difficulties many of these animals face including poaching and extinction.

Currently, we are working with three African wildlife photographers: Tom Svensson, Hermis Haridas, and Nisha Purushothaman. You can learn more about them here.

As the African Dream Foods brand continues to grow, we welcome participation with and partnership from other wildlife photographers who will help us to capture the attention of the world with their stunning shots so we can support wildlife conservation in the very country that inspired the business.

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