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Ghost Pepper Salt

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Add salt and spice at the same time with this spicy chili salt which comes in a convenient reusable grinder. Just a twist of our Ghost Pepper Salt and you have already spiced up pizza, meat, chicken, or seafood!  This salt is red in color as a warning that it is pretty spicy, and because it is a combination of white sea salt, and red African Ghost peppers that have been dried and powdered. We are talking an 8/10 on the heat scale. 

With one twist you will be adding an insane depth of flavor to any dish. This African Ghost Pepper Salt is really incredible! We are so excited to share this salt with you, it is truly going to take your cooking game to the next level!


Our recipe developers went crazy for the stuff and added it to:

Classic veggie omelet

Buffalo chicken wings

Ghost Pepper Salt Steak

Why African Ghost Peppers?

We use African ghost peppers in our hot sauce for their unparalleled heat and distinctive flavor profile. These peppers, scientifically known as "Bhut Jolokia," rank among the spiciest chili peppers in the world, boasting a Scoville heat unit of over one million. The intense heat they provide creates an unforgettable and thrilling culinary experience for spice enthusiasts. Beyond their potency, African ghost peppers add a unique fruity and smoky undertone to our hot sauce, enhancing its overall taste. By incorporating these exceptional peppers, we ensure that our hot sauce delivers an authentic and fiery sensation that sets it apart from the rest.

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