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21-008 Bird_s Eye Chilli 710 – FRONT AND BACK WS
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Bird’s Eye Chilli Sauce

(150 mL)
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“with all of the seeds” – 7/10

If you are a hot sauce aficionado, you’ll recognize our Bird’s Eye Chilli Sauce is the same recipe as our super hot African Ghost Pepper Sauce, but the pepper used here is the African Bird’s Eye Chilli. The sauce comes with all of the seeds found in the small Bird’s Eye Chili Pepper, which is partly what gives this sauce its unique flavor and heat. It has quite a bite (at a 7/10 heat rating!) but it has a clean finish, so unlike our African Ghost Pepper Sauce the heat doesn’t linger. Use it to spice up pizza, chicken, meat, fish, chicken wings or just about anything.

This sauce is bright orange in color and our Dream Team loves this sauce, we have used it on sticky chicken thighs with incredible results! It will add such a freshness and unique bite to any dish you add it too. If you are looking for a unique sauce to add to your collection then this one is the one.

Here are some reviews from industry leaders who really know what they are talking about:

“I’m loving this sauce, keep on hand at all times.” Tasting the Heat

“It’s very unique, it’s very good!” – Brian Ambs

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