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Abbreviation for size: mL/ 5 fl oz

Habanasco – Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce (5-Pack)

(150 mL/ 5 fl oz)
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“Hotter than your average 8”

This sauce trends on the hotter side of our heat scale and if you like the distinct tanginess of fermented sauces, this one is for you.  Our Habanero Peppers are aged in brine to let ferment 6 to 12 months and comprise the main component of this all-natural hot sauce with only three main ingredients.  Think Tabasco, but on an expert level. It is sharp and tangy with a powerful lasting bite that will warm up the palate for several minutes.  So expect ‘Habanasco’ to be very spicy and yet so wonderful on an egg omelet, pizza, chicken, or fish.

Our Habanasco is vinegar forward, which means it works perfectly to cut through the richness of a dish and bring much-needed acidity to any food. We love it on avocado toast or used in guacamole!

It’s great to spice up any dish including pizza, chicken, meat, or fish, and especially eggs.

All-natural, NO preservatives, NO colorants, NO MSG, 100% Gluten Free, and Vegan Friendly.

But don’t take our word for it, here are some thoughts on our Habanasco – Fermented Habanero Sauce:

“One of the best fermented Habanero Sauces I have ever tasted!”Bill Moore’s Hot ‘n Spicy Reviews

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