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Not everyone gets the opportunity to witness a herd of elephants grazing South Africa’s savannah or encounter one of the last wild mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s forests. We can’t put the Serengeti in your backyard, but through the lens of African wildlife photographers we can get you up-close and personal with some of the world’s most magnificent animals—many of which are endangered species and nearing extinction.

Nisha Purushothaman

An avid traveler and photographer, Nisha firmly believes people need to be more aware about the planet and should travel and see the already fragile ecosystem first hand and do their part in conserving the earth’s resources. She loves to be defined as a naturalist, conservationist photographer, focusing on endangered species. From the backwaters and rainforests of India to the grass plains of the Masai Mara; from the crater of Ngorongoro to the deserts of the Middle East, she has spent days and nights passionately following the birds and wildlife of these incredible places.

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She is a three-time finalist in Nature History Museum – London’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Her works and articles have been published in various international publications.

Hermis Haridas

An autodidact nature photographer, Hermis got deeply involved in nature and bird photography and found himself traveling around, hunting for, and trying to capture moments hitherto uncaptured. Hermis believes in the adage “practice makes perfect” and there isn’t a day that goes by in his life where he doesn’t peep at the world through his “third eye.” His photography showcases the importance of protecting these endangered species.

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His trips to exotic wildlife locations including Russia, Sri Lanka, India and African continents gave him the opportunity to understand the subtle nuances of wildlife photography. His works have been published in various international publications.

Tom Svensson

Tom is a Swedish conservation photographer and an environmental influencer. He has published books about endangered species and hopes to make people aware of how many endangered animals there are in the world.

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Tom now lives in Fjällbacka, a small fishing village on the west coast of Sweden. He gives lectures around the world, most recently in China & Holland, and he has also been a judge in many photo contests.

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Our Conservation

African Dream Foods works with dedicated, passionate conservation organizations that are fighting for Africa’s endangered species through grassroots community efforts, research funding, habitat preservation, and education initiatives.

Paws Trails

PAWS TRAILS was created in 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by friends and wildlife photographers Nisha Purushothaman and Hermis Haridas. Both have been working in this field for over a decade and decided to join hands to form PAWS TRAILS, with a mission to create a larger community of photographers and artists from all over the world to collaborate in increasing awareness about nature conservation.

Wild Shots

Wild Shots Outreach was founded in November 2015 to address the need for more young people of local communities to experience wildlife and wild places they previously had little or no access to. It is hoped that the battle for conservation can be won by sharing the beauty and value of South Africa’s wildlife with all its citizens. Wild Shots Outreach gained NPO (Not-for-Profit status) in June 2017 and won the SANParks’ Kudu Award for best environmental education programme

Let’s Collaborate – Support Endangered Species

If you are passionate about the African continent and want to be a partner or contributor in some way, we are always looking for wildlife photographers and wildlife conservation organizations to work with. Please fill out the form below and tell us a bit about yourself, your mission and your area of expertise. We’ll be in touch.

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