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Build Your Own Gift Box 4-Pack

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Craft a custom collection of your favorite sauces and seasonings! Whether you're a hot sauce aficionado, a barbecue enthusiast, or simply someone eager to spice up your life, our bundles offer a delectable array of tastes to tantalize your palate. Surprise your loved ones with thoughtful and unique gifts, showcasing our authentic African flavors. 

Explore the vibrant tapestry of flavors at African Dream Foods and create memorable culinary experiences. Our Build-Your-Own-Bundle options empower you to curate an extraordinary assortment that resonates with your unique preferences. Each sauce and seasoning embodies the passion and commitment to quality, as we use only the finest ingredients. Join us now to spice up your life and embrace the diversity of tastes that our Build-Your-Own-Bundle options have to offer!

What's in the Box

Well that is completely up to you! Here are the options!

African Ghost Pepper 10/10  - Super-strong dark African hot sauce with a lingering burn. Not for spice amateurs! Handle with care.

Bird's Eye Chilli 7/10 - A unique blended sauce that ticks all the boxes. Your wings will thank you!

Ghost Peri-Peri 6/10 - A well-balanced and savory Peri-Peri with nice Ghost Pepper Heat. 

Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri 4/10 - Mild and bursting with flavor

Habanasco – Fermented Habanero 8/10 - A tangy fermented hot sauce with a powerful kick so watch out!

Jalanasco - Fermented Jalapeno 3/10  - The fermented jalapeno brings a mild tangy heat. Think Tabasco on steroids!

Sweet Dream Sauce 2/10 - A sweet fruity sauce with chutney consistency

Southern Braai 1/10 - A BBQ sauce with a mild, tangy kick. Bring this to your next cookout!

Safari Smoke Seasoning 0/10 - For natural smoky flavor

Smoked Chipotle Salt 6/10 - Salty, smoky and spicy all-in-one grind

Habanero Chilli Salt 6/10 - Salt and heat in just one twist

Ghost Pepper Salt 8/10 - Spicy chilli salt to sprinkle on everything


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