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Sweet and Spicy - Mixed 4-Pack

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We are confident in saying that we have some of the best-tasting hot sauce out there, add some of our spicy salts and you are in for a real treat. This sweet and spicy hot sauce and seasoning pack really delivers in terms of flavor and balance. The sauces may be more on the mild side but the spicy salts really turn up the heat. Perfectly balanced and an ideal accompaniment to any dish. 

What's in the Box

What you get: a 4-Pack mixed variety gift box.

1. Sweet Dream Sauce

A sweet fruity sauce with chutney consistency

2. Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri 4/10

Mild and bursting with flavor

3. Smoked Chipotle Salt 5/10

Salty, smoky and spicy all-in-one grind

4. Ghost Pepper Salt 8/10

Spicy chilli salt to sprinkle on everything


There is so much you can do with all of these flavors! Here are just a few things we came up with:

Sweet Dream Bacon Pancakes

Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri Lamb Chops

Ghost Pepper Salt Steak

Pretzel Bites with Habanasco Queso

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