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SKU: VP4-010

All Spicy Salts & Seasonings 4-Pack

Regular price $29.95

A kitchen pantry is not complete without these bad boys. Our spicy salts are great as finishing salts or even as spicy margarita salts (we won’t tell if you don’t!). Our smoky seasoning is also a must-have pantry essential, it adds a natural smoky flavor to any meal without ever having to go near the grill!

What's in the Box

What you get: a 4-Pack of reusable glass grinders.

  1. Safari Smoke Seasoning 0/10
    For natural smoky flavor
  2. Smoked Chipotle Salt 6/10
    Salty, smoky and spicy all-in-one grind
  3. Ghost Pepper Salt 8/10
    Spicy chilli salt to sprinkle on everything
  4. Habanero Chilli Salt 6/10
    Salt and heat in just one twist


There is so much you can do with all of these seasonings! Here are just a few things we came up with:

Spicy and Smoky Grilled Cheese

Pretzel Bites with Habanasco Queso

Spicy Jalanasco Breakfast Burrito with Habanero Tomato Salsa

Ghost Pepper Steak

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